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About us

We LOVE E-Bikes!  From making our trails and pathways accessible to more people; to the pure joy we see on our customers as they take there first test ride.  E-Bikes are a life changer.  Owner Chris Knobe definitely experienced how electric bikes can drop the barriers to access to some of the great adventures to be had around Jackson Hole.  With two young kids in tow and a little electric help Chris set out to explore this wonderful area and share the experience with others.  "I rediscovered that feeling of freedom when I first learned to ride a bike.  The feeling that I could go anywhere with that bike, my world immediately got bigger and more interesting.  Electric bikes opened that door for me again.  I still have all my 40 year old body and responsibilities, but having that electric buffer that can carry me when i get tired or help with the kids up the hill, it just makes more bike trips possible."  Come experience these new possibilities yourself, we've got a great selection and would love to help find the perfect bike for you!